Construction Monday – Ducting

June 20, 2016

Home building has come a long way from the homes built 100 years ago. The overall performance and efficiency of a new home has drastically improved over the years. At Everett Custom Homes, all of our homes are Earth Advantage certified, meaning there are a number of standard benchmarks that need to be attained in order to certify a home as such, one benchmark is heating and cooling. To be the most energy-efficient, all of our Everett homes have all heating/cooling ducts and air handling equipment inside the envelope of the home. Traditional method is to run furnace ducts into unconditioned (unheated/non-cooled) spaces, such as hot attics and cold crawl spaces. By installing ducts inside conditioned spaces of the home, this provides for better efficiency in heating and cooling of a home and reduce energy use by 15-20%. Also, to minimize air leakage that commonly occurs with taping of ducts, we use a mastic compound to ensure proper sealing in our furnace system. By utilizing this construction practice, the homeowner will benefit in a number of ways….

  • Lower energy bills
  • A more comfortable home
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Visible ducts are more likely to be installed correctly
  • Invisible ducts can be damaged and damage can go undetected

For more information on Earth Advantage certification, visit That’s all for this Construction Monday….we’ll be back with more exciting news next week.

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