Construction Monday – Kitchen Features

August 15, 2016

Happy Construction Monday! In an Everett Custom Home, the kitchen is the main focal point, a gathering place for family and friends. There are a number of features and amenities that make our kitchens a show-stopper. Custom cabinetry, gorgeous slab granite counter tops, and tile backsplash are just a few of the signature touches in an Everett kitchen. Take a look at the many great features we include in our homes:

  • ENERGY STAR® Appliances: These are included in all of our homes. What does this mean? Take a look here for more information.
  • Water Efficient Kitchen Faucets: These faucets use aerators to mix air with the flowing water. The perceived flow is comparable to normal fixtures, can save up to 500 gallons of water per year, and reduces water bills.
  • ENERGY STAR® Dishwasher: ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwashers are, on average, 10% more energy-efficient and 12% more water efficient than standard models. Jenn-Air dishwashers, included on select homes, feature the TriFecta wash system, providing exceptional cleaning performance, quiet operation and improved energy efficiency. The ProWash™ Cycle, on select models, determines the ideal cycle for washing dishes based on soil level and then makes real-time adjustments to achieve the best cleaning performance.
  • Granite or Quartz Countertops: Slab counters make cleaning a breeze as there is no grout. Plus these surfaces are more durable for cooking and provide an overall beautiful aesthetics.
  • Gas Ranges: Jenn-Air Pro-Style Ranges, on select homes, include 6-burner gas ranges, with features such as high-output burners, a convection system for even baking and tender roasting, and a bake drawer that heats up to 450 degrees.
  • Double-Ovens: All Everett homes include double-ovens to meet any need. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, a Thanksgiving feast, or just love to cook, this kitchen allows for you to find your inner-chef.
  • Microwave: Did you know your microwave doubles as a convection oven? On select models, there are various settings that can be saved to easily bake, broil, or roast. The Speed-Cook feature combines the speed of microwaving with the precision of convection cooking and broiling. It helps you achieve oven-quality results, up to three times faster than conventional cooking methods.
  • Oversized Kitchen Islands: On specific floor plans, Everett includes an oversized kitchen island for maximum surface space to prepare meals, use as a buffet for gatherings, and for added storage in the cabinets below. The slab overhang allows for seating at the island, the perfect place to chat with your friends and family.

These are just a few of the wonderful features and amenities in an Everett Custom Home. With a number of new homes popping up all over Portland, you’re sure to find your perfect custom home to suit your needs.

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