Construction Monday – Seismic Preparedness Part 1

August 22, 2016

Happy Construction Monday…..with all the media focus on disaster preparedness, Everett thought it would be helpful to share about our construction methods we incorporate into our homes to be ready for any seismic activity that Portland may experience. It’s always a great idea to be prepared for natural disasters and this is another reason an Everett home is a great investment….not only because it is an Earth Advantage, sustainable home, but also because of the well-crafted, sturdy construction of our homes, that creates a safe environment in the event of an earthquake.

With a newly-built home, there are a large number of code-requirements that are put into place to ensure our homes withstand a natural disaster. Not to mention, Everett goes above-and-beyond these code requirements as added safety precautions. The most important and effective construction method is having the home properly bolted down to its foundation. In the event of an earthquake, foundation bolting prevents structural weakness and prevents your home from shifting off its foundation.

Another important preventative measure is having strong cripple walls. A cripple wall is a wall that is less than a full-story height and usually occurs between the first floor and the foundation….generally the weakest part of older buildings and a cripple wall collapse is a main source of earthquake-related failure. By bracing this wall with plywood, this creates a stronger base in the side-to-side direction. Framing anchors are additional way to fasten wood together to strengthen the fittings of the floor framing, creating an even stronger base.

With an Everett Custom Home, you will have comfort in knowing the foundation is made of the highest quality concrete that will add the adequate strength to resist earthquakes. Any brick or stone masonry is reinforced to prevent any movement. All of the wood framing has been properly treated and of the highest quality local lumber, creating a strong structure that is properly engineered….from the framing to trusses to the floor joists, our homes are built beyond code requirements to create a safe environment for everyone.

Happy Construction Monday and be sure to tune in to our next installment to learn about the specific products in our homes that offer additional seismic and natural disaster protection. Until next time…..

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