Construction Monday – Seismic Preparedness Part 2

October 3, 2016

Happy Construction Monday!

In our last installment, we shared some insight into the different construction techniques Everett uses to provide a safe living environment in the event of an earthquake. In addition to building methods, there are specific products we use that are more durable than traditional materials, providing seismic and natural disaster protection—just another reason why purchasing an Everett home is a great investment.

Older homes tend to have windows made of plate glass, which can be very brittle and susceptible to shattering into large pieces. Everett Custom Homes uses a vinyl window that is able to withstand the outside elements, resists breakage, and includes heat-strengthened glass for improved durability. Our vinyl windows include fusion-welded frames and sashes for added rigidity and metal reinforcements, to name a few.

Another important feature of safe and sustainable construction is the tankless water heater, which is compact, lightweight, and securely fastened to the home. Tankless options are known for their ability to lower utility bills and increase hot water on-demand, but what is often overlooked is the heightened level of safety these types of units provide. Standard water heaters can pose a risk during extreme seismic circumstances due to their sheer immensity. While reinforcement straps will help to prevent destruction during an earthquake, the 400-600lb tank is unforgiving should it come loose. Each Everett home is equipped with a tankless water heater to make life’s unknown disasters that much safer.

Even bookcases and furniture can pose a risk…that’s why we love the built-in cabinetry throughout our homes, especially in our great rooms and select custom areas. Built-ins provide a beautiful custom look and added safety during a seismic event. Always be sure to secure any tall furniture, such as bookcases and cabinets, with brackets that fasten to the wall to provide extra durability to prevent them from toppling over.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for any natural disaster, which is why Everett shares our building techniques and products, along with helpful tips to better prepare you and your family. Curious about what to do, in and around your home, to be ready for a natural disaster? Tune in next time for some helpful Everett tips that will have you natural-disaster ready. Until next time!

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