Construction Monday – The Front Porch

February 29, 2016

Happy Construction Monday… you know, Everett loves mixing the old with the new and our traditional Portland four-square homes offer the perfect mix! One prominent feature of our ever-popular four-square homes are the beautifully crafted front porches. Trends in American architecture have come and gone, but through all the variations in style, one element has remained: the front porch. Few architectural features have been more important in the formation of a unique American identity than the front porch.

Throughout history, the front porch is seen as one of the few semi-public outdoor spaces associated with community and neighborliness. Porches link us to the past’s more simpler way of life – one before technology and even phones, when face-to-face interaction formed the core of communities. Then there are the practical features of adding beauty to a streetscape, providing shade and breeze in the summer, and allowing light into the home during the cold winter months.

The classic image of a front porch filled with family and friends on a hot summer evening has long been a symbol of traditional American values, and it’s one that still holds true today. This is why Everett Custom Homes enjoys incorporating the front porch into our home designs. With the hustle and bustle of our busy day-to-day lives, the front porch is the perfect extension of your home and a wonderful place to relax or enjoy getting to know your neighbors. And as a nod to the historic Portland four-square, Everett uses Douglas Fir wood as the decking on our homes…the same wood species used when these homes were first built in our wonderful city over 100 years ago.

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