Construction Monday – Exterior DrainWrap

February 22, 2016

Since we live in the Pacific Northwest….there isn’t a shortage of rain and wet weather, but we love it all the same. To help protect our homes from the outside elements, Everett Custom Homes utilizes the DuPont™ Tyvek® DrainWrap™ system on all the exteriors of our homes. This system is an innovative weather resistive barrier engineered with vertical grooves on the surface. This application is integrated with metal flashing, caulking, and quick-flash at all exterior wall penetrations, promoting outstanding bulk water drainage in wall systems by helping channel moisture safely to the outside.

The unique, nonwoven-fiber structure of DuPont™ Tyvek® DrainWrap™ is designed to manage water and moisture effectively. It helps resist air infiltration and water intrusion, yet is engineered to readily allow moisture vapor to diffuse through the sheet, helping prevent mold and mildew buildup and wood rot.
A good weather resistive barrier has 4 equally important functions:
1. High level of air resistance – to help prevent drafts, help reduce energy bills and resist the flow of moisture laden air though wall cavities.
2. High level of water resistance – to help protect the wall cavity from water that gets behind the cladding.
3. Moderate to high vapor permeability – to promote drying in wall systems.
4. Durable – to withstand the rigors of the construction site and continue to perform once construction is completed.

In addition to offering these important functions, DuPont™ Tyvek® DrainWrap™:
• Improves drainage
• Is durable and maintains a constant drainage rate even after repeated wetting and drying cycles
• Offers excellent protection against water intrusion
• Helps reduce air infiltration to increase comfort and energy-efficiency
• Helps protect installed R-value of insulation

Tyvek is also a breathable product and an important element in a high-performance home. Everett Custom Homes has an exclusive 10-year warranty for labor and any material damaged from water intrusion with Tyvek Building Wrap Systems. For further information on our exterior drain-wrap system, visit DuPont Tyvek DrainWrap. Happy Construction Monday, from Everett Custom Homes. Until next time…..


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