Employee Spotlight – Brad Hosmar

April 11, 2016

Have you been curious about who’s behind the scenes at Everett Custom Homes? There are so many pieces that make up our company and it couldn’t be possible without all the amazing people that work hard every day to bring our beautifully-crafted homes to Portland neighborhoods…..whether it be those looking to make Portland their new home or those who have been here for years.

We don’t mean to toot our own horn (well, maybe a little bit), but we wanted to share with you some of our passionate team members, committed to building a home that will last for lifetimes to come within our wonderful City of Roses.  One person that we are excited to share with you is Brad Hosmar, Chief Operating Officer for Everett Custom Homes! He comes with a wealth of knowledge in the home-building community and is someone we are lucky enough to work with every day….


1. How long have you work at Everett Custom Homes?

4 months as an employee, but I have been a consultant for several years.

2. What made you interested in working at Everett Custom Homes?

The character quality of the ownership and staff has created a family-type culture that is impressive. The opportunity to work on a diversity of housing types and styles, designed and built with the goal of providing high quality housing options for the local market. A locally-owned company with its roots born in Oregon.

3. Compared to other businesses you’ve worked at, what makes Everett different?

The thoughtfulness in the design and craftsmanship in construction of each and every home is unsurpassed in the market. Each team member involved in every facet of the building process has taken personal ownership of their role to execute a home they are proud to say is one of their own. The sales and design team work in concert to provide home designs that respond to the needs and desires of homeowners in our market. The construction and customer service teams ensure that the homes is delivered with the highest quality of fit and finish possible. Our customer service team is available long after the home has closed, offering piece of mind to all of our homeowners as they settle into their home.

4. What are you most looking forward to in 2016 for Everett?

The introduction of new home designs and upgraded specifications for our current plan library. We will be introducing some new, more affordable housing offerings available in a condo-style, as well as some new modern home styles that the public has been requesting.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Spending time with family and friends is my first choice. I love attending sporting events (Blazers and Ducks), golf, snow skiing and concerts.

6. Are you a Portland native? If so, where in PDX did you grow up? If not, what brought you here and what do you think of the city?

My family moved to SW Portland from Seattle when I was in middle school. My great grandparents and some extended family were born and raised in NE Portland, so we certainly did visit often before moving here. I attended schools in the Beaverton School District, then 2 years at Portland State University before transferring to the University of Oregon, where I received a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

7. Where do you live in Portland?

I currently live in suburban NW Portland, but my wife and I are always looking for opportunities to build a new home.

8. Describe your perfect Portland day.

In the city, I love to enjoy a great meal at one of the many incredible eateries, then head over to the Schnitz or Keller for a concert or the Moda Center to take in a Blazer game.

9. What do you love most about the city?

The livability, restaurants, and proximity to a diversity of activities. Portland is perfectly situated between the mountains and the beach and I enjoy visiting both regularly.

10. Share your favorite Portland neighborhood, and why.

I truly do not have a favorite neighborhood. It is the collective communities as a whole that make up the fabric of Portland such a unique place.

11. What tips do you have for those looking for a new home?

Do your homework and view as many homes as you can before making any decision. Spend the time necessary to visualize yourself living in each one. If you are considering buying an older home, make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. Cosmetically, the home may look good, but underneath there may be a lot of problems you will need to deal with. Always consider an Everett home!

12. What advice would you offer those looking for a home?

The old saying “They don’t make ’em like they used to” is true when it comes to homes. A new home built by Everett Custom Homes is superior in craftsmanship, in protection of your physical health, the protection of our environmental health and energy efficiency to existing homes. With our ever expanding diversity of home types, I am confident we will have one ideally suited for you and your family.



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