Happy Homeowner Spotlight

August 12, 2016

Home is where the heart is….and we heart our Everett homeowners! Nothing makes us more happy than hearing about our homeowners and the memories being made in their new home. The home buying process can be a roller coaster ride, at times, so we try to make it as smooth as possible. After the moving truck has left, the last box is unpacked, and the dust has settled, your new house is finally a home. And since all of our homes are situated in fabulous Portland neighborhoods…..Everett homeowners are always so excited to be a part of the community where they can meet new friends, walk to the local coffee shop, enjoy the park with their kiddos or furry-friends, or even try out new local cuisines.

All of our homeowners have a different story, coming from near and far….all planting their roots in this beautiful place we call the City of Roses. Everett’s August “Happy Homeowner Spotlight” features Ryan and Beth, who live in SW Portland and fell in love with our homes. We are so happy they found their dream home. Here’s a peek into Ryan and Beth’s home and what they love about their Everett home.

How long have you lived in your new home?

Almost 5 months.

Are you a Portland native? How did you choose which Portland area you wanted to live in?

Beaverton and Silverton but have lived in Portland for the last 20 years.  We were in the SW area already and knew we wanted to stay in that area and within a certain distance of downtown and our child’s school (Burlingame) but we wanted to be a bit further from the freeway than we were.

What made you want to purchase an Everett Custom Home?

At first it was what were seeing the most “new” of.  Then we really liked the styles that were happening.  When we met Kristen Kramer at a different open house, we knew we had to work with her.  She was honest and smart and worked extremely hard to meet EVERY ONE of our needs/wants.

What do you love most about your new home?

Almost everything.  The open floor plan, the yard, the neighbors and the way we know our family can grow in different directions over the years with the flexible floor plan.  It’s inviting and homey while modern and stylish.


How have you made your new home uniquely yours?

We haven’t been here long enough to really change anything and we liked it so much the way it was (color scheme, materials) that we haven’t done anything other than decorate slowly.

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